This website contains the highly classified document about the upcoming Extraterrestrial arrival that the National Security Agency doesn’t want you to read. It is a history book sent back from the future and everything in it is true.


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RSVP: Extraterrestrials Will Arrive On July 21, 2028
(At exactly 6:14 PM Eastern Time)

My name is Eve. I am an intelligent Being from the future. Your future. The following chronicle of upcoming real-world events has been sent back in time from the year 2060. Everything in it has already happened in Our past and is slated to begin all over again in your future—starting with Our arrival on July 21, 2028.

As you will soon learn, due to technical difficulties onboard Our Mothership,We were obligated to declare a Mayday and seek emergency sanctuary onEarth. In exchange for this temporary refuge, We took it upon Ourselves tohelp you—Man’s kind—repair your planet and its civilization. Unfortunately,as you will see, it did not end well for you.

We do accept some degree of responsibility for your demise. Therefore, We consider it Our duty to allow you a second and final chance to save yourselves. To that end, it is imperative that you read this historical chronicle of events thoroughly and learn lessons from the mistakes you already made the first time through so that different choices—hopefully better and more informed ones—will be made by your species this next and final go around. This time, may peace truly be upon you.

—Eve of Arma-Lena

Major Revelations From The Prophecy


This true chronicle of upcoming world events divulges details and names names of real people, politicians, celebrities, and news-worthy events that some may find unsettling. Among the revelations:

• The scheduled arrival of extraterrestrials on July 21, 2028.

• Ron DeSantis is elected President in 2028. Followed by Marjorie Taylor-Greene.

• The unveiling of a Planetary Reconstruction Plan that promises mankind a peaceful, technologically advanced and demilitarized civilization under the umbrella of a future One-World Government.

• Eve- the extraterrestrial entity- requests that nearly 380,000 newborn babies be mysteriously “volunteered for service to humanity”. And things take a dark turn when that quota is not met.

• The sensational footage of U.S Navy aircraft chasing UFO’s (UAP’s) that the Pentagon declassified in 2020 are revealed to be alien drones that have been monitoring our planet for millennia in preparation for this upcoming ET arrival.

Wondrous Extraterrestrials Gifts To Mankind Including:

  • The complete repair of Earth’s biosphere and the end of climate change.
  • Unlimited free and clean energy. The end of fossil fuels.
  • Exquisite weather control using an artificial sunscreen and second Sun
  • A futuristic space elevator and space station. A technological marvel the size of New York City.
  • Mini-van sized batteries that can power jumbo jets on transcontinental flights.
  • Thin-Air Machines: Technology that can pull molecular components (carbon, hydrogen, etc.) from the air and reassemble them for use, including water makers that can irrigate entire farms and bread makers that can assemble carbohydrates from CO2 and H2O in the surrounding air to create grains.